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Eating Your Way to a Happy Heart

Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

Since the weather has cooled, my husband Jim and I have resumed our nature trail walks on the weekends. After enjoying our hike, we pop in a nearby store that offers a plethora of organic, wild, and gluten-free options. Our bounty typically includes several varieties of wild caught fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, I can’t resist selecting a new dark chocolate bar to add to my stash.


In our feature article, Improving Heart Health: Lifestyle Metrics That Can Help Prevent Heart Disease  [page 16], Charlotte Nussbaum, MD advises increasing omega-3 intake to balance the omega-3s/omega-6 ratio in our diet. “Cold water, fatty fish that’s low in mercury, such as salmon, along with shellfish, are good sources of omega-3s,” she says.


We make sure to pick up plenty of fresh greens, so we have a salad base for our fish. I notice many health benefits when we incorporate salads and fresh vegetables daily: enhanced focus and energy, a good night’s rest and even less cravings for snacks. I’ve realized over the years that small lifestyle adjustments can have a significant impact. As I age, the benefits are even more noticeable.


In this February issue, we focus on heart health. You’ll find foods that promote cardiac healing in Nourish the Heart [page 20]. Discover how the food choices made since childhood may determine the likelihood of developing heart disease as adults in Heart-Healthy Kids: Setting a Course for Cardiovascular Wellness [page 26]. Explore strategies for toning the vagus nerve in Rhythms of the Heart: Improving Mood With Vagus Nerve Toning [page 30] and how to level up a pet’s diet in Whole Foods for Dogs and Cats: Human-Grade Meals for Our Furry Best Friends [page 28]. We also included an additional child-focused article, Mindful Parenting which shares how to respond to children rather than reacting in the moment. I found these strategies valuable when raising my boys and am excited to share them with you. I hope you find inspiration in these pages to take care of your heart and the heart of your loved ones.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher