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Who is on Your Dream Team?

Apr 04, 2022 08:22PM ● By Kris Urquhart
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

“Mom, should I buy full-fat yogurt?” My kids are grown and out of the house, but I still receive these kinds of texts and calls. From health to housekeeping, mom is still a go-to resource for many of life’s daily dilemmas. Being a mom isn’t the only thing that prepared me for these types of inquiries. This issue marks our 21st publishing anniversary. Through Natural Awakenings, I’ve been blessed to learn from some of the best in their chosen health and wellness field.


My family relies on these practitioners to maintain our health. Our functional medical doctor is our foundation, and our team also consists of an osteopath, nutritionist, physical therapist, herbalist, massage therapist, and energy healer. I also plan to add thermography to the mix. Of course, finding trusted sources for our wellness products rounds out the optimum wellness approach.


We designed this special annual guide to provide you resources to build your own wellness dream team. We recommend you keep this issue year-round for reference. It includes an extensive directory and a wide array of wellness profiles. Our community is blessed with talented wellness professionals to help you with your personal health goals. Get to know some of them listed in the dream team roster starting on page 23. Be sure to bookmark this resource online at for easy access. New this year, we’ve spotlighted local authors and their books to consider for your own natural library [page 36].


Our April theme explores how we can invite nature back into our lives in Why We Need Wild Places: How to Invite Nature Back into Our Lives and Landscapes [page 46]. Discover ways for you and your family to eat with the planet in mind in Eating for the Planet: Diet for a Climate Crisis [page 52]. Learn how to use technology to bring us closer to flora and fauna in Technology Meets Nature: Apps Bring Us Closer to Flora and Fauna  [page 56]. Plus, enjoy recipes for Buzz-Free Drinking: The Healthy Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages including a Sour Mock-a-Rita. [page 50]


Throughout this issue, you will find a wealth of expertise and guidance by calling on our advertisers. We hope you enjoy this resource and that it enhances your wellness journey.


Here’s to a healthy mind, body, spirit and planet!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher


Build Your Wellness Dream Team



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