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The Inner Workings of Belly Button Healing

Feb 01, 2017 08:02PM ● By Master Ki Dahng Nam

Belly Button Healing is the stimulation of the gut and organs through the belly button. This internal workout aids the gut by removing excess waste and harmful toxins. It impacts weight loss, constipation, bloating, digestive issues, skin problems and much more.

Your gut is known as your second brain and hosts a plethora of neurons: nerves that directly link to the brain, major arteries and hormone producing glands. It’s a micro-ecosystem that contains about a third of the blood in the body, trillions of gut microbes, 90% of the body's serotonin (the happy hormone), 50% of the body's dopamine (the joy hormone), and the Enteric Nervous System (neurons that governs the function of the gastrointestinal system).

As the center point of your gut area, the belly button is thought to be the gatekeeper to this inner world of health and vitality. In East Asian Medicine, major energy lines, or meridians, run through the abdomen, so when you stimulate your belly button, energetic blockages are released. Belly Button Healing stimulates fascial tissue that is connected like a web through your entire body through the nervous system. It is achieved with gentle pressure to your belly button inward and in different directions around the belly button.

This mindful stimulation of the abdomen uses the navel as the point of contact to relieve pain and tension, release toxins, improve digestion, boost energy and elevate mood. Stimulating your navel at different angles influences different organs and body parts. It can promote blood circulation, excretory function, boost immunity, improve concentration and relax the body and mind.

Korean Master Ki Dahng Nam offers Belly Button Healing sessions locally. He can be reached at 928-593-0345 or [email protected]. Vero Beach