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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Scents of the Season

Enhance the spirit of this Holiday Season by filling the atmosphere with natural scents of pure botanicals. Pine and Spruce are both wonderful trees that provide refreshing essential oils obtained from their "needles and twigs". Pure Clove, Peppermint and Cinnamon oils are also all natural scents often associated with the Holiday Season.

Essential oils enable the user to fragrance the air in a natural, organic and healthy manner. The cost of such small quantities is minimal due to the powerful concentration of the undiluted true botanical essential oils. A small vial (4 ml = approximately 120 drops) may easily last the season from Thanksgiving through New Years Day.

Essential oils may be used to add to enhance your aromatic senses and provide a natural, organic, pure botanical component to this Holiday Season. Try these ideas to vaporize essential oils into your holiday atmosphere.

• Add 10-20 drops per cup of pure distilled water and spritz
• Add 10-20 drops to a pot of simmering water
• Heat 3-4 drops in a small amount of distilled water in a tea light burner
• Spritz to fragrance artificial trees. Remember to air out plastic trees, especially when new. Use caution and unplug electrical lights prior to application
• Add 10-12 drop in an affordable light bulb ring and turn on light
• Vaporize in an aromatizer, generally 10-20 drops – check unit for recommendations
• Apply 3-5 drops shaken from bottle(with shaker top) in linens or tapestries
• Apply 2 to 5 drops to a cotton ball or container and place in a box of holiday cards for a professional touch
• Apply 1 to 5 drop shaken out of bottle (with shaker top) into a drawer or closet to protect and aromatize your clothes. Use clear oil, such as lavender, and test a small inconspicuous area for possible staining.

When experimenting with essential oils determining the amount of oil to use is influenced by many factors: intensity and type of oil, competing scents, number of people in the space, size and content of the space and of course personal preference.

Doreen imports, creates and private labels her own distinctive line of aromatherapy products, using only the finest organic or wild crafted, steam distilled, undiluted, un-fractionated essential and base oils. Workshops are held regularly on Wednesdays and can be scheduled privately. Nature's Haven can be found at 602 Brevard Ave., in Cocoa Village. Call 321-632-122, visit or email [email protected] for more information.