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Dental Health & Snoring

Apr 11, 2011 10:24PM

Do you keep someone awake at night with your snoring? Are you experiencing fatigue, sleeplessness and even breathlessness? These could be warning signs that snoring and possibly abnormal breathing is taking place during sleep. Of course, lack of sleep affects those around us at work and at home – not to mention the loud noise snorers and loved ones endure.

There are many dental and medical conditions that lead to snoring like a small retruded jaw, overweight, sedatives, allergies, alcohol before retiring or airway obstruction. However, studies show that many times snoring can be a serious disorder called “sleep apnea.” Sleep Apnea is defined as a cessation of breathing for a period of 10 seconds or more up to thirty times or more a night.

Many times obstructive sleep apnea can be treated very successfully by a dentist with a conservative, oral appliance therapy approach. The American Sleep Disorders Society is now including dental therapy in their treatment protocol by using oral repositioning appliances as an accepted part of conservative treatment. Specially trained dentists can work together with a sleep specialist in rehabilitating patients with sleep deprivation.

For a free pamphlet with more information on this subject, contact Dr. Claire Stagg-Ruda at 321-777-2797. She is located at 2120 Highway A1A in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.

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