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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

The Scent of Love

True love stems from grounding within. We will be in love when we truly love ourselves not from the ego but from the heart. The responsibility for our emotions is in us; in our minds, portrayed with our bodies and felt with our spirit.

For those who experience the sensitivities of scent there are many botanicals that directly correlate to our whole body. Olfactory resonance assists in the emotions, actions and realizations of love. Choosing essential oils with a scent that evokes the needed feeling is instinctual. Simply put – pick what smells right. What is good to the sensitivities of our noses will carry through receptors to the brain to achieve a desired state of mind. A person wishing for relaxation of the brain may resonate with lavender to soothe or marjoram to gently sedate. A woman with raging hormones and/or high expectations of another will benefit greatly by employing rose geranium into a body blend or add it to bathing water and immerse herself into the lovely sea of soothing and balancing sensations. A couple desiring loving romantic union will be able to enhance the sensation through pure parfums of rose and jasmine. They can be used in the hair or extended into jojoba and used anywhere.

Doreen DeSerres has been sharing her knowledge of pure botanical essential oils for over 18 years through her Nature’s Spirit product line. Nature’s Haven is located at 602 Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Village (south-side across from Cocoa City Hall and Murdock’s restaurant.) . For more information call 321-632-1211, email [email protected] or visit