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Remember Rosemary

Apr 06, 2011 03:01AM

Aromatherapy empowers the mind, body and spirit to be in unison. Awakening our minds with the scent of Rosemary will enliven our thought processes. Noradrenaline, which is a naturally occurring mental and memory stimulant, is released in the body through inhalation of rosmarinus officinal (rosemary).

Rosemary is historically known for remembrance. It helps us remember who we are, what we want and how to realize and obtain our desires. Essential oils contain the traits to assist our brain in thought and action and stay in balance with spirit. Real botanical aromatherapy helps us to create a consciousness within the depths of our minds through the incredible sense of smell.

Doreen DeSerres of Nature’s Haven will present a class entitled "Renew & Revitalize" on Wednesday, January 17th from 6-8pm. Cost of $11 includes a 10ml bottle of Rosemary. For more information call 321-632-1211 or visit Nature’s Haven is located at 602 Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Village.

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