Tis’ the Season…for Allergies!

Oh my, more than half our team is down!” I told my colleague Kasey. We had three team members under the weather at the same time. It seems that sneezing and congestion has been rampant this month, leaving people looking for rest and relief. I was checking with Kasey to see if she was still up and about. She assured me she had been following her seasonal allergy protocol for boosting her immune system and keeping the pollen off of her when she is outdoors. She is even considering wraparound sunglasses to keep allergens from getting into her eyes.

In our Fitbody column, Exercise vs. Allergies, Marlaina Donato shares that more than 26 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies with numbers on the rise due to a dramatic increase in the amount of airborne pollen. “Environmental and lifestyle stress, inadequate nutrition and weakened immune systems are also factors, leaving many feeling too miserable to engage in physical activities,” says Donato. To help you find natural allergy relief, we’ve included a Natural Allergy Guide. These local practitioners can help alleviate your symptoms so you can enjoy spring to its fullest.

Keeping your immune system strong is key to staying heathy; in fact, 70 percent of the immune system resides in the lining of the gut. Find strategies for better health in our feature article, Nutrition Upgrades.

This issue is jam-packed with interesting tips. For example, did you know it takes more than 3,000 gallons of water to produce a smartphone and 55 gallons of water for a single egg? March 22 is World Water Day so we’ve included tips to reduce your water footprint in Saving a Drop to Drink. Learn how to heal from GMOs in our food chain and enjoy Wise Words from Phillipe Cousteau who continues the family legacy of conservation established by his famous explorer grandfather.

As we enter the spring season, I hope you find some helpful lifestyle tips among these pages to keep you and your family feeling your best!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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