Local Chiropractor Opens Second Location in West Melbourne

Dr. Daniel Weber, the local owner and operator of The Joint Melbourne, has opened a second location in Palm Bay in the Hammock Landing Shopping Center. “The days of dealing with chronic back pain, neck pain and migraines will soon be a thing of the past for Palm Bay and West Melbourne,” states Dr. Weber.

The Joint’s unique “no-appointment, no-insurance and no-hassle” business model allows patients seeking pain relief and prevention to customize ongoing treatment plans or receive preventative care on a weekly basis. Plus, members can use their membership at any The Joint clinic. Through pain management and ongoing treatment plans, The Joint and its doctors operate with a noble purpose to change the way people live their lives.

“We’ve been fortunate to be embraced by the community for the past 11 years at our Melbourne location. I am really excited to be bringing quality, affordable, chiropractic care to the Palm Bay/West Melbourne market,” says Dr. Weber.  “We have such a great team in place!”

The Joint Palm Bay is located at 225 Palm Bay Road, #173, West Melbourne. 321-372-6728. The Joint Melbourne is located at 3016 Lake Washington Rd, Melbourne. 321-254-2828. whttp://www.The Joint.com

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