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The 'Tea' on Stress

Feb 01, 2024 06:47PM ● By Laurie Davey
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

“Ashwagandha is life” is my new catch phrase. I’m exaggerating somewhat, but I am a fan. During a conversation with my Functional and Integrative doctor, she suggested this adaptogen as an option that helps mitigate stress and anxiety. It was easy to find as a tea and incorporate into my morning routine. The benefits for me were immediately noticeable. I feel more myself and have regained my focus.


Poonacha Machaiah, CEO of The Chopra Foundation, suggests breathwork as an effective mind-body practice to balance the nervous system and instill calm in Mindful Breathwork. In this article we learn that deep breathing is the best way to stretch and stimulate the vagus nerve which activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system is calming, which helps bring the body into balance. There are several breathing techniques offered in this article. The “lion’s breath” is my favorite. It feels a little silly and not only made me feel relaxed and awake, but also smile.


Also new to my stress reducing line-up is Pickle Ball. My husband got us a set of paddles as a holiday gift. We’re having fun learning to play and have already been reminded of the importance of stretching. Taking an older body into the cold without a warm-up was not our brightest moment. We may need to consider one of the remedies in Homeopathy for Athletes to help us recover.


February is the month that brings awareness to the heart. In our feature article, Oral Health Tips to Prevent Heart Disease, Steven Masley, M.D. explains the connection between gum disease, sleep apnea and the heart. The Magic of Hugs explores the importance of physical contact can have on blood pressure and pro-inflammatory cytokines. Consider the benefits of plant-based milk and recipes to treat your taste buds in Plant-Based Milk Alternatives. Also be sure to enjoy our online exclusive content at including Mimi Guarneri on Treating the Heart With Love, and Natural Love on a Leash.


I hope you find inspiration in this issue to incorporate new heart-healthy, stress-reducing habits into your life.


Here’s to a healthy heart!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher