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Healing Heartache Through Past Life Regression

Jan 31, 2023 05:49PM ● By Crisanne Galaske

Heartache, grief and other feelings of hurt can affect those that are suffering in a myriad of ways. Understanding how these feelings originated can help to resolve internal disharmony and remedy the underlying causes of conflict and suffering.


These feelings can originate from memories that are crystallized in the spirit. The feelings of hurt, mistrust, hatred, resentment, fear, jealousy, insecurity, affective dependence, sadness, low self-esteem, repression, permissiveness, neediness, loneliness, rejection, etc. can be the underlying cause of internal disharmony. When one doesn’t know how to love, they learn through pain. Overcoming this profound lack of knowledge, learning to love oneself, and how to accept others as they are, can halt the cycle of conflicting relationships as well as the emotional and physical illnesses that stem from these feelings.


Past Life Regression is based on the concept that on the great stage of life, we are often meeting the same people from past lives, alternating the roles of father, mother, boyfriend, son, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, neighbor, boss, husband, wife, cousin, etc. Working together, everyone is seeking harmonization and evolution by moving away from the emotions of possession, interference, disrespect, demand, and selfishness in order to move towards unconditional love.


Through self-knowledge, clarification of evolutionary karmic issues, and understanding that we bring feelings of inferior characteristics from our past lives, we can reframe these negative feelings that are rooted in spiritual memory and self-healing may be achieved.


Past Life Regression Therapy is a therapeutic modality that seeks to bring about positive internal change through understanding. A Past Life Regression Therapist guides the participant in a spontaneous, awake and conscious way to view their memories through a mental screen. During the session, the cause of disharmonies that may be impacting the present can be accessed. Connecting with these memories can be the catalyst for the internal change necessary to leave behind the illusion of being a victim. It can create understanding and clarification of how past personalities can influence thoughts and feelings in current life. This Past Life Regression therapy illustrates how current experiences contribute to spiritual improvement that fulfills personal missions and the evolution of our true essence.


Crisanne Galaske, Holistic Therapist, author of Heal Yourself Beyond Past Lives, and owner of Consciousness Holistic Therapies, helps adults and teenagers through psychic and spiritual therapy. She is located at 4297 Preservation Circle in Melbourne. For more information, call 321-599-0222 or visit

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