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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Inspirational Classes and Intuitive Workshops Now Available in Merritt Island

Stephanie Parker owner of Advanced Skincare and Wellness on Merritt Island is now offering workshops and inspiration classes for the public and for professional intuitives, energy healers, light workers and reiki practitioners. Parker is an intuitive, Traditional Usui Reiki Master, author of "Positive Thought for Positive Life" and an inspirational speaker and writer.

“Are you ready to ignite your own inner light, create a positive change in your own life and in the life of others?” asks Parker. “Join us for our upcoming classes.”

Some of the classes planned for 2023 include: Art of Allowing: Reset your boundaries to regain inner and outer calm; Positive Thought for Positive Life: What more do you want out of life?; Intro to Energy Healing: Subtle energy, bioenergetics and sound vibrational healing; Discerning Chakra Blockages with Intuitive Pendulum Scanning: How to discern internal and external blockages of the chakras and how to clear them; Detecting & Adjusting Chi/Qi Flow: Attitudinal awareness of the body and clearing techniques; Empaths & Sensitives: The different types and the empath/narcissist connection; Spiritual Protection and Creating Sacred Space.

Advanced Skincare and Wellness is located at Courthouse Square at 2425 N Courtenay Pkwy, Ste 1, Merritt Island. For more information, call/text 321-506-7005.