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Fun with Forgetful Felines

Jul 28, 2022 04:50PM ● By Kris Urquhart
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

My cats are getting up in years. Callie is 16 and her kitty companion, Kiwi, is 18 years old. They are both showing their age. Kiwi will only do things in a routine order. For example, morning back rubs come before fresh water. If her water is freshened first, she simply won’t have her morning drink until her back has been thoroughly rubbed. Callie keeps forgetting where to find her food bowl. She often comes to me, meows, and climbs in my lap and continues to exhibit restless behavior. She is clearly bothered but unsure how to resolve it. When I place her in front of her food bowl, all is right in the world again.


“Among the many traits that dogs and humans share is the potential with aging for progressive cognitive decline, which canines can experience as early as 7 years of age,” says Karen Shaw Becker, DVM in our Natural Pet column Preventing Dog Dementia: Five Strategies to Preserve Cognitive Health [page 24]. Dr. Becker also explains that a connection has been established between Alzheimer’s disease and periodontal disease in humans, and a recent study has revealed a similar association between gum disease and canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD). I suspect that my kitties are in cognitive decline. I don’t know if the link to gum disease is also true for cats. But I’ve been told that their age makes it too risky to put them under for teeth cleaning. Luckily, they both seem happy even with their little quirks.


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Here’s to an amazing August! 

Kris Urquhart, Publisher