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Happiness is an Inside Job

Aug 01, 2021 09:30AM ● By Kris Urquhart
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

Sleeping through the night is something I took for granted in my youth. The passage of time brings changing hormones, questionable bladder resilience and a husband who also wakes; all of these contribute to many nights of interrupted slumber. My husband and I decided to purchase a new mattress that did a better job of suppressing movement. It has turned out that swapping a mattress, which is easier than reigning in hormones, has made a big difference. We are both sleeping better now that we are not woken by our spouse’s restlessness. 


In our Well-Being Basics [page 18] we share that “Surveys show that getting enough sleep is the most influential factor in how people rate their daily mood, with good sleepers more likely to rate their life as happier overall. A University of California, Berkeley, study found that inadequate sleep makes our brains 60 percent more reactive to negative stimuli; in other words, being tired makes us grouchy.” I can attest that it is infinitely easier to generate positive feelings after a good night’s sleep.


I’ve also found that even if I’m awake in the wee morning hours, putting a positive spin on the situation eases the interruption. I like to read at night to power-down, so if I’m unexpectedly awake I just enjoy my bonus reading time. “Positive reframing involves shifting misery-making thinking to see the positive side of any situation,” says Ronica O’Hara in Think Yourself Happy [page 16]. A good book makes me happy, so instead of frustration I feel calm.


This month we focus on tools for happiness. Discover the benefits of smiling and how it can make us happier [page 26]. And find out how working with a life coach can unleash your true potential [page 26]. In addition, we continue our three-part series  on medical marijuana as we consider the conditions that can benefit from cannabis. [page 20]. Find classic ways to store your garden’s bounty all year [page 22] and tips to keep kids healthy as they head back to school [page 28]. I hope this issue inspires ways to change your thinking and change your world.


Here’s to happiness and positivity!


Kris Urquhart, Publisher



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