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Digging Into Organic Farming: Articles & Podcasts

This month we dig into the topic of Organic Farming. We interviewed local farmers in our Natural Inspirations Podcast to connect you to locally grown produce and food. Plus, we've rounded up the local Farmers Markets in our handy guide. Enjoy!



Down to Earth: The Promise of Regenerative Organic Farming

Regenerative organic farming holds great promise to rebuild soil, draw carbon from the atmosphere and ultimately grow healthier food. Read More » 


Local Organic Matters Plus Tips to Grow Your Own Garden Video Podcast - Episode 39

Local Organic Matters: Plus, Tips to Grow Your Own Garden [Video Podcast] - Episode 39

Brock Hall, from Florida Fields to Forks, takes a look at how farmers can provide organic food to the consumer much faster than those that go to market. He discusses the Florida growing s... Read More » 


The Soul and the Soil of Organic Farming Video Podcast Episode 40

The Soul and the Soil of Organic Farming [Video Podcast] Episode 40

Nathaniel Fenton, Shadowood Farm in Palm City, shares what it means to feed and nourish the soil to provide the best nutrients in organic food. He also discusses the meaning behind the US... Read More » 


Farmers Market Guide

Farmers Market Guide

Explore the best of our local farmers markets for fresh produce, local honey and specialty items. Find a market near you. Read More » 


The Dirt on Real Organic Farming

The Dirt on Real Organic Farming

Farmers and consumers throughout the United States and beyond are pushing to create transparency in a very disjointed food system. Read More » 



Organic Farmers: Growing America’s Health: Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops

Across the country, farmers are experimenting with new ways to grow food having higher nutritional content and a positive environmental impact. Read More » 


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