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Implement Lifestyle Changes to Increase Fertility

Mar 01, 2021 09:44AM ● By Adam Tice

Lifestyle Changes Offer a Boost

Globally, 48.5 million couples are experiencing infertility and it is predicted to increase over the coming decade. Men and women alike are dealing with fertility issues. There is good news for most couples. There are at-home strategies to boost fertility today and make your dreams of expanding your family come true. When you address the root cause and implement effective lifestyle changes, your chances of having a healthy child can be increased dramatically. These are the top three effective strategies you can implement at home.

1.     Tidy up the Diet. Move to 100% organic, non-GMO diet. Eat a whole food, high plant-based diet, rich in natural fats such as oils, ghee, avocado, and nuts and seeds. Eliminate sugar and alcohol and minimize caffeine. In addition, identify any food intolerances that are contributing to the toxemia in the body and eliminate them. An easy blood test is done to identify this. The diet is the foundation to fertility. 

2.     Environmental detoxification. The next step is to clean up the chemicals on and around the body. This involves reducing the chemicals from shampoo, body wash, detergents, to cleaning products and air fresheners. All of these chemicals interfere with the hormonal systems in the body. Detoxification is probably the most important component of fertility. Just like how we clean our homes, we must clean our bodies. If you are new to clean living, start with switching to organic food. That change alone will eliminate numerous chemicals entering the body daily.

3.     Nourish the Body. The high paced world we live in has left us depleted. What you eat matters. Due to improper growing practices and mass scale farming, the vitamin and mineral content is not what it used to be in our food. Taking a good quality prenatal multivitamin regularly is the first step. This ensures the body has the essential nutrients needed to create a healthy baby. There are also specific nutrients and herbs designed to help with fertility whether it’s for egg quality, uterine support, or for sperm motility. Consult a natural health professional specializing in fertility and use the science of supplementation and the wisdom of the plants to nourish and support key organ systems.  

Individualizing the medicine is the key component when addressing fertility issues, and lifestyle changes are the foundation. 

That being said, each case is unique. Individualizing the medicine is the key component when addressing fertility issues, and lifestyle changes are the foundation.  When you clean up your diet, your environment, and your mind, good things will happen. These changes will improve your fertility dramatically. Many times, when people implement these changes alone, it’s enough to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Children are miracles and everyone deserves a chance to create a family.

Dr. Adam Tice owns Beachside Natural Medicine. He specializes in helping couples get pregnant and creating healthy families. Join the free Facebook group: Healing Infertility Naturally. For more information, call 321-848-4914 or visit

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