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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

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Dr. Adam Tice & Dr. Jennifer Tice

Beachside Natural Medicine
200 Ocean Ave
Indialantic, FL 32903

Have you tried everything and you're still looking for answers? At Beachside Natural Medicine Clinic & Apothecary, we have professional natural health solutions. Ask our Naturopathic Doctors! The doctors at Beachside Natural Medicine, Adam and Jennifer Tice, help people restore their health from complex chronic diseases using the safe, effective and gentle healing tools of natural medicine.

“It works because we connect the dots. We dig out the root causes of imbalance and remove the obstacles to cure. I help people with complex chronic conditions restore their health. I’m not a magician. I simply understand the principles of nature and cooperate with the healing power of nature,” states Dr. Tice. I see miracles happen everyday. I love this medicine.

Our medicine is steeped in traditional nature cure healing methods, principles, and practices. Natural medicine is individualized. By using substances that minimize the risk of harm, we help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health.

Drs. Tice combine advanced clinical training and background in ayurvedic, homeopathic, and naturopathic medicine to provide a deep root level healing that is essential in today’s world.

Specializing In: Disorders of digestion including IBS, Complex Chronic Diseases, Fertility Issues, Post vaccination syndrome

You can schedule a free 15 minute consult on our website or by calling the office.

Dr. Adam Tice and Dr. Jennifer Tice - Website: - Phone: 321-848-4914