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The Muscle that Pumps Love!

Jan 31, 2021 09:30AM ● By Kris Urquhart
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

I remember the shock to my system when I heard my father would need open heart surgery. It came out of the blue and happened fast so there wasn’t much time to process it until after it was done. What struck me in that moment was the contradiction of his current lifestyle and the diagnosis. Although he was brought up on a southern diet, my father as an adult had a slim build, exercised and ate well. My parents loved to make fish, salads and other healthy meals. At that time, heart disease was associated mainly with obesity and fatty diets. While it happened over 15 years ago, that experience emphasized for me that taking care of the body daily does pay dividends.

“Experts are now realizing that some key warning signs for early detection of heart and vascular disease have been missed,” shares Julie Peterson in Protect Your Heart: Heart Screening Can Be a Life Saver. Cutting-edge diagnostics that are now available look beyond blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol. Integrative doctors can use screening tests, assess inflammation and genetics, and even analyze how the body utilizes vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Scans that assess how well blood is flowing to the extremities can also be useful in heading off heart disease. Our family now takes a preventative approach working with a functional medicine doctor to track our overall health. Having information on the state of my body certainly brings peace of mind.

The month of February celebrates the heart. In this issue, we take a look at heart health as well as the emotions of the heart. In our feature article, Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle, we explore how lifestyle changes can impact heart health. Our local experts and relationship coaches provide recommendations to strengthen your relationship bonds. In our Conscious Eating column you’ll find recipes for heartfelt eating and in our FitBody column discover exercises to lower high blood pressure. Plus, enjoy special offers from local natural health practitioners. This month, let’s find ways to take care of the heart, or as my husband likes to say: “The muscle that pumps love!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Kris Urquhart, Publisher



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