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Body Attitude of Gratitude

Oct 28, 2020 06:00AM ● By Kris Urquhart
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

This year has brought all of us many changes we were not expecting. It seems some are thriving and incorporating healthier habits and others are having the opposite experience. Personally, I’ve managed to do both. At the beginning of quarantine, I was able to focus on exercise and eating choices and dropped some unwanted pounds; Then the pendulum swung and the missing pounds found their way back home.

November brings the opportunity to focus on gratitude. “Research shows that a gratitude practice fosters patience, encourages self-care and nourishes self-discipline, especially when there is temptation to reach for another slice of pie,” says Marlaina Donato in Body Gratitude. In this Fitbody article, Donato shares that cultivating an appreciation for the way our bodies carry us through life can empower our workouts. With this year’s emphasis on health, I’m finding that appreciating the health and functionality of my body, rather than focusing on the shape, makes it easier to maintain healthy habits.

The holiday shopping season is upon us! We feel it is the perfect year for gift giving with a healthy theme. To help you with choosing beneficial gifts, check out our new Healthy Savings Guide. Be sure and visit and bookmark the page so you’ll always have healthy savings at your fingertips. Consider checking gifts off your list while shopping locally. Spending with local businesses will support our community and you may find inspiration for a few gifts for yourself.

This month our feature article, Preventing Type 2 Diabetes, provides natural strategies to curb the disease. Find out how to lighten up your Thanksgiving fare and be sure to visit us online to find more healthy Thanksgiving recipes. Discover tips for creating homemade solutions for glowing skin and explore simple ways to reduce itching with skin-soothing herbs for pets.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for my family, friends, colleagues, our natural health community, and readers of this publication. I am so grateful to have you all in my life.

Here’s to an attitude of gratitude!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher





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