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Nurturing a Stress-free Not So Empty Nest

Oct 01, 2020 06:00AM ● By Kris Urquhart
Kris Urquhart, Publisher Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast

My work life hasn’t changed dramatically. Since 2001, when I signed the paperwork for my Natural Awakenings franchise, I’ve worked from home. However, my work-from-home environment has changed significantly. Gone are my quiet days and lunch plans for one. My husband now works from home five-days-a-week and my once empty nest has been filled. Both of my young adult children returned when their leases were up because they also are working remotely.

Change introduces stress, even positive change. I love having my kids around, but it does increase the laundry, dishes and meals that need to be coordinated. And this pales in comparison to stress others are experiencing with managing online school, job losses, and the worry about contracting an illness. “According to The American Institute of Stress, 77 percent of people experience the physical backlash of emotional stress in the form of headaches, chronic migraines, fatigue, digestive woes, muscle tension, dizziness and changes in libido,” says Marlaina Donato in our feature article Calm Down: Taming the Flames of Stress-Related Illness. In this issue, we look at ways to work with the body’s nervous system by employing lifestyle changes, releasing trauma and implementing healthy changes to support the ability to cope.

In our video podcast, we interviewed the area’s acupuncture professionals and asked their perspective on easing stress through the lens of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Our article provides insight and you’ll find a more in-depth conversation at Watch for our video podcast icon (INSERT MIC HERE) throughout these pages for more interviews to inspire lifestyle changes.

In this issue we also explore regenerative approaches for joint health, find out how our local experts are using prolotherapy to aid the process of repairing damages cells and regenerating new ones. Explore five ways to help keep pets healthy and cancer-free and discover the significance of Halloween. Then enjoy more from Natural Awakenings online where you’ll find a plethora of Online Exclusive Articles including ways to help stressed-out teens, rules for recycling, lowering stress with Tai chi and qigong, lifestyle changes to reduce your family’s toxic load, additional recipes and more.

Here’s to remaining stress-free and healthy!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher





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