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A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

May 01, 2020 06:00AM ● By Kris Urquhart

“A customer bought me a rose today!” said Theresa, one of my best friends. She has temporarily lost her business to the pandemic is now working at the grocery store in the interim. Unfortunately, not everyone is handling the stress well and a customer decided to take out his frustrations on Theresa, his cashier. The customer in line behind him witnessed the interaction decided to counter this stressful exchange with kindness. Receiving a single rose restored Theresa’s faith in humanity. 

“Uncertain times cause anxiety and make people feel out of control,” says Julie Peterson in Finding Balance in Uncertain Times. In this article local practitioners share ideas for us to find balance. “Getting back that sense of control can help us move forward in a more positive way, with greater happiness and confidence.”

Stories of kindness are the good news that inspire us to pay it forward. When pulling up to the window to pay for his ice cream, my brother-in-law found that the person in the car in front of him had paid for his order. There is a movement to “tip the bill” so that our front-line wait staff, curbside delivery and takeout delivery drivers receive appreciation for supporting their customers. In times of uncertainty, a little kindness goes a long way.

We are more committed than ever to supporting your health and well-being and the greater good of our community. Find out how our local natural health community is innovating to support everyone with online options, telemedicine and curbside delivery. Consider recommendations from local experts for boosting your immune system. And try new recipes for soul nourishment. (My soul is yearning for the chocolate muffins!) Over the last few weeks, I’ve interviewed local practitioners via Zoom video who have discussed health, immune, balance, and business tips. In this issue you’ll find a taste of what they shared, to hear more visit our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel, join our email list and like us on Facebook.

Here’s to paying it forward!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher