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Reconnecting for the Holidays

When my kids were younger, the approaching holidays meant making plans to create holiday magic for little ones. We would shop for new holiday displays, put up lights, bake special dishes, and decorate the tree while festive music filled the air. It was energizing to view the holiday season through their eyes. As the years passed and the boys grew older, the holidays began to feel like a season of impending lists filled with shopping, cooking and cleaning. I’ve been an empty nester for a few years now, having my boys in different cities brings a new dynamic to the holidays. Now I find myself looking forward to having us all in the house together again and even looking for new and fun ideas to help celebrate being together.

 “One of the ways we come into balance and connection with each other and with life is by giving from the heart,” says Cindy Ricardo in our Inspiration column [page 38]. Taking the time to reconnect as a family is more important to me now that we are only together a few times a year. “Being generous arises from the heart, not the wallet,” continues Ricardo. We may change some of our family traditions including incorporating a gift exchange to reduce the number of gifts to purchase. Making the lists lighter will leave more time for togetherness and maybe even trying new recipes.

 If you are looking for recipe inspiration, check out our healthy holiday treat recipes everyone can enjoy in our Conscious Eating column . Also, in this issue you’ll find tips for reducing holiday food waste [page 30] and ideas for safe and eco-smart toys for your furry family members [page 36]. Discover how mindful breathing can help us access our joy and learn how to do right by your bones . This holiday season I hope you enjoy being together with your loved ones and connecting from the heart.


Here’s to recreating holiday magic!


Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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