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Publisher's Letter: Animal House

“There’s a cat behind every door!” said my nephew Nick after poking his head in my office. During the hurricane Dorian evacuation, my sister Laurie and her family packed up the essentials and their animals to wait out the evacuation orders at my house. Combining the pets from three households made for a fun logistical puzzle. Providing separate spaces for six cats and two dogs resulted in many closed doors with kitties tucked safely inside.

My office cat, Callie, was quite content in her office bed where she does most of her daily tasks (including snoring). “The benefits of the human/animal bond are manifold, supported by an army of studies that speak to pets’ ability to reduce stress, improve mood and even reduce the

risk of cardiovascular disease,” says author Julie Peterson in our Natural Pet column, Paws to Consider. I enjoy having an office cat to keep the stress of a looming deadline at bay, even if she does like to lounge in front of my monitor. “Anyone looking to lower blood pressure, ease anxiety or secure companionship can find it all at their local shelter, where homeless dogs and cats are eager to oblige,” says Peterson.

Our area is filled with wonderful shelters housing animals waiting for their special forever home. Read about how local shelters are helping displaced animals from the Bahamas in Dorian’s wake and how you can help. Also in this issue, discover how a holistic approach to oral health impacts more than just your mouth. Find out how a shared passion for delicious food and a moral conviction about the people and places that sustain it is driving a global movement. Learn how companies are moving toward a circular economy in an effort to significantly cut the waste stream, reduce our carbon footprint and conserve resources. And you may be surprised to discover how chiropractic care can transcend typical expectations by helping conditions such as digestion symptoms. As we move into the fall season, I hope you find ways to stay stress-free with your four-legged family members.

Here’s to our furry friends!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher