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Veggies Can Be Fun!

Sep 28, 2018 06:58PM ● By Kris Urquhart

Did our food box come?” My husband checks in every Monday to see if our box of goodies for the week has arrived. We subscribe to a meal delivery service that offers organic, sustainable, and clean eating options including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and other recipe options. This method of planning our weekly meals is working well for us. We are eating a wider variety of vegetables and an overall cleaner diet. We make less trips to the grocery store, we have less food waste, and the meals are easy to prepare and delicious. Our bodies are happier and our bloodwork demonstrates the overall improvement this lifestyle change is having on our health.

In our Conscious Eating column , plant-based nutritionist Lisa Stollman shares, “I’ve definitely seen plant-based eating become more mainstream. Many restaurants now provide plant-based options to keep their customers happy, and more food startups are creating nut- and soy-based cheeses, milks and yogurts.” We have learned many new options for combining vegetables and herbs by following the easy recommendations of a health conscious chef. We were surprised to find that most of the recipes are simple but still packed with flavor. We are eating more kale, radishes, cilantro, parsley, beets, as well as fresh lemons and limes. It is fun to learn what fruits and vegetables are in-season and how they can be incorporated into a recipe.

This issue is packed with great information to help you make healthy lifestyle changes. Find out how to reverse the rising tide of chronic conditions in our children including nutritionally poor diets. Discover how chiropractors are using integrative approaches such as functional medicine and nutritional counseling to enhance healing and find a local resource near you. Learn how to add years to your life and more life to your years with the basic principles that communities are incorporating to encourage healthy living. Then see which exercise routines can reboot the libido. This month, I hope you are inspired to incorporate some new vegetables into your diet.

Here’s to healthy eating!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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