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Helping a Feathered Friend

Jul 28, 2017 11:29AM

My sister, Jennifer, texted me the photo of an adorable osprey, alerting me to a heartwarming rescue that was taking place. Her friends, Mia Tardugno and Damian Lizaso, saw the bird drowning while trying to find its way out of a canal behind their home in Merritt Island. Damian, an Osceola firefighter, grabbed a pool pole and extended it to the osprey. It headed directly for him and then reached out for the pole and grabbed on so Damian could lift her out. The couple called WILD Florida Rescue’s 24-hour emergency rescue crew who came and retrieved the bird. Bella, named by Mia after her beloved kitty, is in the wildlife rehabilitation hospital and expected to make a full recovery. When she is ready to be released, Bella will be returned to the site of her rescue in Merritt Island.

In our article, Help for Injured Wildlife, Sandra Murphy tells us, “Seeing lost, injured or orphaned animals is heartbreaking, but unless a wild animal is in immediate danger from prey or traffic, it’s best to wait and observe.” Bella was fortunate that Damian was able to pull her from danger. It can be difficult to always know what to do when we see a creature that is struggling. Thankfully, our community has a variety of caring and skilled wildlife organizations that we can call for assistance. We’ve provided contact information for a few of them.

In this issue, our feature article, Live Cancer-Free, explores choices that may contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Consider out-of-the-box strategies in Fresh Looks at Autism and find a list of local resources that aid families looking for direction. Try five solutions for sleep apnea and find the right job for your dog. Explore mindful learning and pop-up organic dining. Learn how to set out a welcome mat for a soulmate and find solutions for weight-loss in our guide. This issue is loaded with information that resonates with me personally. I hope it inspires you as well!

Here’s to a speedy recovery for Bella!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

To see video and more photos of Bella, visit

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