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Healing Light for Acne, Wrinkles and Pain

The Center for Cooperative Medicine and David Rindge are introducing BioPhotas’ ground breaking new Celluma light emitting diode systems. The device is designed to deliver effective therapy through its extra-large light panel and patented programs to blend red, near-infrared and blue light energy which are FDA-cleared to treat many conditions. Celluma's unique flexible design allows it to mold closely to the body, it can be wrapped around a knee, arm or adjusted to conform to a shoulder or other body area.

“Effective treatments have been noted for acne, diminished local blood circulation and wrinkles,” says Rindge. “In addition, several muscle and joint issues can be helped including arthritis, stiffness, tension, pain, or spasm.”

A free 30-minute treatment session is being offered to all existing clients or new customers with the purchase of any service or product.

Location: The Center for Cooperative Medicine, 1601 Airport Blvd, Ste 1, Melbourne. For more information, call 321-751-7001. Celluma PRO, LITE and ELITE systems are available to health professionals and to those seeking cost-effective therapy at home. 

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