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How to Stop Attacking Yourself: Learn Steps to Heal Autoimmune Conditions: Jenn Albers, Certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach

Autoimmune disease an immune response also known as systemic inflammation that results in your body attacking its own tissues. These conditions that include arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, and inflammatory bowel disease and more, affect millions of people. The symptoms of different autoimmune diseases are often addressed with immune suppressing medication. Alternatively, we want to reduce inflammation in the body and treat the sources rather than the symptoms. Albers will explain what autoimmunity is, how inflammation increases, describe some of the underlying causes for inflammation in the body, and provide you with steps to address inflammation. Albers will empower you with tools you can use yourself that include diet, environmental and lifestyle changes, and tools for the mind-body connection to help you return to balance and support overall health.

Jenn Albers is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Certified Gluten Practitioner with Functional Medicine Studies, who specializes in Holistic Nutrition, Digestive Disorders and Auto Immune Conditions. Albers helps each person discover what works best for their unique body and lifestyle by developing strategies to overcome the obstacles that interfere with optimal health.

Whether it is losing weight, reducing stress, improving sleep or lowering risks of chronic conditions, Albers will involve creativity, enthusiasm and guidance for every individual to reclaim better health through making conscious food choices, aiding in daily routines such as cooking, juicing, positive living and self-care. She addresses the variables in each person and their own bio individuality and equips each with the tools for success.

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