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Smile Design and Wellness Center The New Patient Experience

When a new patient enters the doors of Smile Design and Wellness Center they may be surprised to find an open office designed to put them at ease. Their first experience is a visit to a comfortable chair in a living room setting where they can fill out a questionnaire, review paperwork and ensure the practice is a good fit for them. The patient meets either Dr. Chris Edwards or Dr. Rob Brown in this relaxed setting so they can interact without masks and dental instruments between them.

When the patient moves on to their initial exam, they will be seated in a massage chair complete with heated memory foam cushions to enjoy the ambiance of one of the many uniquely designed areas. There is plenty to keep them visually occupied with décor that ranges from a space theme featuring a suspended astronaut to an environment perfect for Beatles fans with a print of John Lennon and laser disc entertainment of Beatles’ concerts. Patients will want to keep their eyes to the sky to catch the astronaut move when the air conditioning vents engage. They may even choose to enjoy a paraffin dip during their appointment.

A comprehensive first-visit analysis includes perio-probing to check gums, bite and tooth exams, an oral cancer screening, blood pressure, and pH and plaque samples. A slide is made to inspect the patient’s oral bacteria to evaluate how to promote balance among the bacteria in the mouth. A panoramic digital 2D or 3D x-ray is taken using the lowest radiation available in x-ray technology. The diagnodent, a laser cavity detector, is used to catch newly forming cavities that might not be seen on an x-ray. Identifying cavities early, before the enamel is seriously breached, allowing the doctors to remove decay with air abrasion fillings. This micro dentistry technique doesn’t require anesthesia making it a great option for kids. At the end of the visit, the patient views a video tour of the doctor’s findings making it easy to see where plaque is accumulating and where brushing can be improved.

Drs. Edwards and Brown are the only dentists in the area, apart from specialists, that use the microscope to perform their procedures. The microscope allows them to see more detail resulting in a higher quality end-product. It also facilitates communication with patients; with just a flip of a switch, doctors can show patients what they are seeing making it easy to illustrate any areas of concern.

Lasers are employed in many capacities including gum surgeries, cleaning out sockets and some fillings with no anesthesia.  Lasers are gentle, antibacterial, and promote healing. Another great option available for patients is the CEREC all-ceramic crown. These crowns can be made in one appointment from a digital impression, are beautiful and often save healthy tooth structure.

Sensitivities or allergies to metals commonly used in dentistry can be a problem for many people. Drs. Edwards and Brown are proud to be leaders in metal-free dentistry including non-metal, ceramic, zirconia implants. Holistic dentists and patients alike prefer ceramic for both their functional and cosmetic attributes. Ceramic implants are biocompatible and easily incorporate into the surrounding bone, which results in permanent stability of teeth and a natural cosmetic look. They are one of the few practices in the area to offer this option which resists plaque build-up making it easier for patients to care for their implant teeth.

At Smile Design Center, you will find other leading-edge treatments such as Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). PRF is a gelled membrane made from a small quantity of the patient’s blood taken just prior to an extraction, grafting or implant procedure. The blood is spun in a centrifuge separating out the stem cells, fibrin and platelets that make up the membrane which will be placed into the surgical site. The membrane contains healing and growth factors which enhance the body’s own healing and regeneration system. During this process, the doctors add ozone in the mixture, as well as in the socket, to ensure there is no bacteria left behind that could cause post-operative issues.

“With Dr. Edwards, what you see is what you get,” says Patient Administrator Lisa Martin. “When you meet him it is obvious he doesn’t have a fancy car or live in a mansion. For him it is about helping people and the patients can feel that.”

At Smile Design and Wellness Center it doesn’t stop at helping people; planet-friendly measures have been incorporated into every aspect of the business. The building contains low VOC paint, LED lighting, tile and cork flooring, and an in-house water filtration system to remove contaminates. As a mercury-free practice, they installed special filtration (sp-filtration) systems so when amalgam fillings are removed the vapors are not recirculated inside the building and patients are provided with oxygen to breathe to ensure clean air intake. A mercury filtration system prevents mercury from entering the environment.

Their eco-friendly building was designed with reuse and repurpose in mind. “This building was originally a church,” says Dr. Edwards. “Almost everything was reused. The carpet was pulled out, cleaned and used to cover the back offices. A lot of the wood came from the joists that held the altar. They wanted to throw it out so we reclaimed it, pulled out the nails, and ground it up and made over 2,000 linear feet of baseboard ourselves. It seems some of the energy of the building comes from the church. We don’t really know what it is, but the patients feel good.”

'I was thrilled to experience pain-free micro-dentistry. It was amazing to see through the microscope as work was being performed on my mouth!" Patient Susie Meltzer.

The work Drs. Edwards and Brown do each day can do more than make a patient feel good, it can transform lives. “A gentleman came to us who in the past had an issue with drugs that had left his teeth deteriorated and broken. Dr. Brown was able to repair his teeth through bonding and other techniques,” shared Martin. “We could all see the transformation that was happening before our eyes. It wasn’t just his smile, but it completely changed how he felt about himself. When he looked in the mirror he no longer saw his past looking back at him, he saw a functioning member of society.”

The entire staff at Smile Design and Wellness Center is invested in making sure patients are comfortable and confident about their dental experience. Drs. Edwards and Brown understand the relationship between whole patient care and provide dental treatment that is in harmony with overall health and makes their patients smile!

Smile Design and Implant Center is located at 5445 Village Drive in Viera. For more information and appointments call 321-751-7775,