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Just Say Squirrel!

Dec 31, 2016 12:28PM ● By Kris Urquhart

“Squirrel!” That is our team code word for when one of us has become distracted and off topic. We have frequent team meetings that may be focused on just one topic or occasionally with an agenda to cover. Since we all work virtually from our homes, our conference calls can be distracted by kids, husbands, pets, doorbells and more. One day, the distraction was: “Oh wow, you won’t believe what this squirrel in my window is doing!” With that phrase our team code word was born. Inevitably, we tend to stray off topic and share a life story. To get back on track, someone will just say, “squirrel!”

In this month’s Inspiration column, Sky High, the author explains, “A sense of peace never leaves us; rather, we leave our innate, peaceful center when we focus on and feel the to and fro movements of our mind.” Distraction is commonplace with the quick pace of information today. I find that when I remember to incorporate meditation into my day that it is easier to stay centered. My morning walks are a type of meditation as I enjoy observing the wildlife in my neighborhood, including the squirrels. There are many wonderful meditation CDs and apps for mobile phones that can support this mindful practice. Perhaps I will add the goal of slowing down and moving through life more mindfully to my New Year’s resolutions list.

As we feel eager to jump into the New Year and start fresh, take a mindful pause with this month’s Natural Awakenings as you seek out meaningful solutions to daily challenges. In Weight-loss Saboteurs we learn that sometimes there’s more to losing weight than eating less and moving more; in Holistic Dermatology experts emphasize the connection between internal health and radiant skin; in The Wild and Wooly Teen Brain we’re reminded of the importance of modeling healthy habits; and in our stress-free section find tips for small changes to integrate into your life. As we move into this new year, I hope you find moments and practices that help you stay in your peaceful center.

Happy New Year!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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