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Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Nov 29, 2016 05:12PM ● By By Michelle Stoddard Flick

With all the home baked goodies at work and home during the holiday season, it may be challenging to remember to eat our veggies. Chronic ingestion of chocolate, cookies, and fruit cake may be lovely in the moment, but can lead to fatigue, gastrointestinal challenges, and even depression.

Plan a few meals during the day that include as many servings of vegetables as possible or prepare a plate of veggies with dip or hummus to sit on the kitchen counter for munching (instead of the chips). Another way to incorporate vegetables during the holidays is by making a green smoothie or juicing. By keeping up with a healthy eating regime, it will be easier to sustain your energy levels through the holiday season. If you do go over board and are having gastrointestinal issues or not feeling well, consider probiotics and digestive enzymes to get back on track. Then return to a healthy eating plan for a stress-free season.

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