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Chinese Trinity of Medicine

Apr 02, 2016 12:32PM ● By Jeff Primack


A righteous world awaits us if we heal collective disease fast enough. Humans of higher mind consciousness have 3 areas where disease can occur, knowledge of these 3 areas useful in preventing disease in real life.


May 13th-15th Qi Revolution’s National Event comes to Daytona Ocean Center.. $99 for 2.5 Days. Open to the Public. Fire, Police & Military Servicemen admitted free. Seating Limited. Event website and ticketing: visit or call 800-298-8790.



No body part shows jing of a person like hair. It contains the most pigments of any body part. Melanin and carotenoid pigments are responsible for coloring hair. These pigments also preserve brain cells from oxidation. When the brain requires more melanin (anti-oxidant pigment) to preserve cells from oxidation, it literally draws “precious pigments” from hair back into the substantia nigra of the human brain. In studies, lack of melanin is attributed to Parkinson’s in studies and, thus, preserving hair color preserves mental function. Black sesame seed thickens/darkens hair and is confirmed to contain the actual melanin pigment in analysis. By eating dark jing foods, we increase our pigment intake and protect the brain from oxidative free radicals. Jing is most directly increased by eating food and herbs.

2nd Body: QI ENERGY

Health of qi is determined by blood flow. When metabolism is rises, vascularity increases and more fat is burned. As metabolic rate increases, I believe one’s connection with nature/life source deepens.  Raising qi is akin to boosting oxygen consumption and humming as an engine.  One minute of “9-Breath Method” gives full-body vibrations and waves of bliss better than opiates or ecstasy. Qi breathing dramatically deepens oxygen absorption. I personally used 9-breath Method this last Veteran’s day to perform 754 Perfect Pushups in two hours. My secret? I am mildly insane and keep heart rate low with qi breathing. Red foods support qi of the heart. Dozens of studies show Lycopene/Capsanthin (red) in tomato and especially peppers are superior radical neutralizers compared against beta carotene (orange) or lutein (yellow). My favorite food is Homemade Red Pepper Paste, as I believe it is a master protector against cholesterol oxidation/crystallization. Qi is most noticeably enhanced by breathing techniques.





   3rd Body: SHEN Immortal Spirit

Shen health is determined by mind acuity, intelligence and emotional wellbeing. Taoists and Christians alike believe we choose divine or bad thought influences and must guard spirit/mind from pathology. Chinese medicine’s diagnosis “Disturbed Shen” means the individual is suffering from a mental problem, which may contaminate the physical element. Watching fish or interacting with pets can help recover shen health by stilling our mind. Masters of Shen excel in crisis situations and their focus is known to others. PTSD sufferers are supported by gardens in their healing. Nature is the primary restorative of the spirit. Shen is most directly improved by quieting mind and further by meditation on light of the pineal gland.

The Event

Reversing disease with food (jing), exercise (qi) and meditation (shen) offers a truly effective and natural healing method. You, too, can learn Qigong as thousands of beautiful people practice under one roof. The upcoming National Event at Daytona Ocean Center lineup includes: Energizing Qigong; Breath Empowerment; Yoga; Meditation; Tui Na Massage; and the “Collective Qi” from so many practicing in unisonis magical. Guest speakers of the highest caliber include David Avocado Wolfe, a world famous nutrition author sharing knowledge of tonic herbs and drinks. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith is appearing for the third time to speak about “Love’s Role in Creative Process.” Beckwith has been practicing Qigong for many years and is walking the path.

All respectful people are welcome to attend and event is non-denominational. The intention is to gather and unify with qigong for revealing a collective higher human potential. At this crucial time in history, it is important that the human body evolves to become stronger and fit to serve, thereby offering the highest contribution to the unfolding of the divine plan on Earth.

Founder of the QI REVOLUTION $99 Conference, Jeff Primack passionately shares powerful wellness secrets using Food as Medicine, Breathing, Warrior Postures and more. Since 2005, Jeff has taught Qigong nationwide and certified four thousand instructors to pass on this healing wisdom.