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Smile Design & Wellness Center

Apr 02, 2016 12:27PM ● By Judy Edwards

Smile Design & Wellness Center is an Innovative Comprehensive Biologic dental practice located in Viera, Florida. Drs. Chris Edwards, Rob Brown and their team, pride themselves in working diligently to provide exemplary customer service and dental treatment in a warm and caring environment. They have an extensive array of dental technology that enables them to provide quality care that results in the highest levels of oral health.

They are skilled in all aspects of dentistry with an emphasis in holistic or biologic dentistry. Drs. Edwards and Brown are part of the ¼ of 1% of Dentists in the United States trained in safe mercury removal. They provide safe mercury removal and the nonmetallic restorative options.

Smile Design Center recently moved from their first location on Devereux Drive to their present home at 5445 Village Drive, right behind the intersection of Viera Blvd and Murrell Road. Their new name, Smile Design and Wellness Center, reflects their commitment to a patients’ oral and overall health. The new office is spacious, healthy and designed for patient comfort. You walk into the office and find a coffee and tea bar using pH Prescription water that is an alkaline, anti-oxidant restructured water system, which is fluoride free and pure. As a matter of fact, all the water used in the office is filtered with pH Prescription water technology, so you can be assured the purity.

The walls are tall and the operatories all have themes:  the Beatles room,  the Zen Room, Round the World room, Sailing room, Star Wars room, Music room and Space room, complete with a life size astronaut tethered by a thread and spacewalking above the room.

Biologic dentistry is a growing branch of dentistry that looks at the mouth and its structures as an integral part of the whole body. The doctors understand the relationship between the two and use this information to provide dental treatment that is in harmony with overall health. This involves the use of dental materials that are biocompatible. Biologic Dentistry is closely aligned with minimally invasive dentistry, where attempts are made to save as much healthy tooth and gum structure as possible.

Drs. Edwards and Brown incorporate the use of biologically driven technologies such as Lasers, Ozone, and Platelet Rich Fibrin. Biologic dentistry often includes other health professionals. The journey to health generally involves removing toxicities, which may include the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings when prescribed by a qualified health practitioner.

Magnification has been in use by many dentists with surgical loupes for years, but using the surgical microscope with perfect illumination in the direct vision of the dentist enables a superior view of what he or she is seeing. Microscopes have 6 different levels of magnification, which enables the most careful detail to be evaluated. Often times the doctors at SDWC are working at 13X.

The use of high definition video cameras attached to the microscope enable the patient to see exactly what the dentist sees through the microscope at the same time. Video can be recorded and still images can be taken and saved. There is nothing like the adage that a picture is worth 1,000 words. The microscope clearly enables the dentist to do a more precise restoration. Many patients appreciate seeing their mouths up close and personal.

Smile Design and Wellness Center’s longstanding philosophy of minimally invasive dentistry is part of its biocompatible approach to dentistry. CEREC is one of the many therapies that they incorporate. Instead of crowns that required cutting away healthy tooth structure all the way to the gum, CEREC crowns can end high on the enamel and blend in perfectly to the natural tooth, all this in one visit with no temporaries or gooey impression material. CEREC crowns are composed of biocompatible all ceramic materials. Utilizing a series of lasers for cutting, as well as healing, ensures state-of-the-art methods eliminating the drill in many cases, and speeds up healing. Lasers are a safe and biologic way to promote healing with little post op pain.

The Diagnodent is a laser cavity detector that can effectively look through the enamel and quantify decay. Early caries detection is coupled with conservative restoration using air abrasion in saving the strength of a tooth for a lifetime.  This preserves healthy tooth structure.

Ozone has been a steady part of Smile Design Centers Biologic approach for years. The properties of ozone are the foundation of what makes it work so well in dentistry. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer, effectively killing bad bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Ozone enhances gum treatment, root canals, and even cavity prevention. Gum disease is a result of multiple factors including diet, systemic conditions, and oral hygiene. Ozone therapy improves the state of the gums while reducing the unhealthy pressures on the overall system.

Xylitol therapy leads to an improvement in the ecology of the mouth and with a healthy diet can lead to higher pH, re-mineralization and even the reversing of early cavities. Doctor Edwards has earned the title of Doctor Xylitol and speaks nationally on the subject.

Both doctors agree that their favorite part of dentistry, is teaching their patients what they can do to assure a healthy mouth. Dentistry has changed over the years and new findings connecting the health of the oral cavity and the rest of the body are no longer suspicions but fact. Health is all about a healthy microbiome and it all starts in the mouth with a healthy oral microbiome.

For more information visit or call 321-751-7775. Smile Design & Wellness Center 5445 Village Drive, Viera.

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