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Dr. Edwards Offers Metal-free, All-Ceramic Implants

Dr Chris Edwards DDS, ND has just returned from the International Ceramic Implant Conference in Jamaica. He has completed training in metal-free, all-ceramic implants and is now offering them to his patients. Ceramic dental implants are gaining popularity. They have been used in Europe for more than 25 years and have been approved for use in the US since 2008.

All ceramic Implants have distinct advantages; they are inert, have no ionic charge like traditional metal titanium implants, and studies indicate that the gum attaches better to the surface of the Zirconium implant which is biologically very well tolerated by the body. The implants are white in color, which eliminates the showing of metal at the gum, which is common with traditional implants. Drs. Edwards and Brown have added the benefit of a 3D CBCT low-radiation X-ray that enables better diagnosis and more precise placement of implants at their new office in Viera.

Smile Design and Wellness Center, 5445 Village Drive, Suite 100, Viera., 321-751-7775.

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