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Laser Therapy Now Available at Clow Chiropractic

Jun 01, 2015 03:19PM

Clow Chiropractic is pleased to introduce laser therapy to their office with the Vectra Genisys laser. “The Vectra Genisys is a Low Level Laser that was designed for soft tissues and is different than surgical lasers in that it is much safer to operate,” says Dr. Bradley Clow. “It is painless and does not produce heat like a surgical laser. The light energy from the laser turns into chemical energy once it enters the body. It works on healing at the cellular level and accelerates the normal healing process. It helps repair old cells, encourages new cell growth, reduces inflammation, and can soften scar tissue. Low Level Laser therapy provides a temporary increase in blood circulation, and can give relief from muscle and joint aches, pain, weakness, and stiffness. It also can help with the pain and stiffness of arthritis and the discomfort of nerve pain.”

The Vectra Genisys is FDA approved for the treatment of muscle and joint pain, stiffness associated with arthritis, pain associated with muscle spasms, carpal tunnel, neck and back pain, and wound healing. The Vectra Genisys is also used for pain management for the symptoms of such conditions as: tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, TMJ, arthritis, and nerve root irritation.

Clow Chiropractic is located at 145 Palm Bay Rd NE Ste 120, West Melbourne. For more information contact Dr. Beth Berinato or Dr. Bradley Clow at 321-725-8778 or visit

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