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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

The Keys to Women's Health



Ni's Acupuncture Center 

Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for over 5000 years.  Chinese medicine assesses the body as a whole rather than by a disease name. Whether you have a hormone imbalance, PMS or just need stress relief, with traditional Chinese medicine we have a safe and natural treatment that can be tailored to you. Our licensed acupuncturists will help treat the root of your problem to start yourself towards a healthier life and positive outlook. Our herbal medicine comes from nature with little to no side effects. Our goal is to bring the balance you seek back into your life. Cocoa.

No Worries Natural Medicine

Marcela Bowie, D.O.M.

Migraines, PMS, Menstrual Cramping, Anxiety, Night Sweats and Insomnia are all familiar symptoms for many women and can be tied to hormonal, structural, and other imbalances. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Mayan Abdominal Therapy, and essential oils can all help. Dr. Bowie spends two hours at the first appointment with you to find the root cause of your symptoms and customizes treatments to each patient. Insurance is accepted at No Worries and we can file for you if your plan has acupuncture as a covered expense. Indialantic.
321-961 8243

Chiropractic Care and Menstrual Health

Clow Chiropractic

Millions of women suffer every month from premenstrual syndrome. Women who are affected by PMS may have subluxations or dysfunction in the nerves of the lumbar spine. These nerves support the uterus and ovaries and when irritated, the pain and discomfort are felt in the female reproductive organs. These symptoms can be treated effectively through Chiropractic care. Doctors of chiropractic help maintain a healthy relationship between nerves and the female reproductive organs by opening the nerve supply from the spine. Chiropractors correct the vertebral subluxations that can lead to reduced function and symptoms of PMS. West Melbourne

Chiropractic and Nutrition

Vibrant Health SHE Deserves

CARE Chiropractic & Wellness Center

True Wellness is more than just being symptom or pain-free. Ask any woman aged 30-60 who is working, raising children, running a household and/or caring for an aging parent. A woman’s needs are enormous because so many people depend on HER. Dr. Brian Walsh and the staff at CARE Chiropractic & Wellness Center understand this. Their mission is to help each woman obtain the vibrant health and vitality SHE needs and deserves. Nutrition Response Testing is used to find the root cause of health issues, and provide safe and natural solutions. Chiropractic care and free health talks are also available. West Melbourne.
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Colon Hydrotherapy

Health Connections: Massage & Colon Hydrotherapy, Inc

Candice Klein M. Ed., LMT, CT

Get rid of the belly bump and feel lighter, sexier, and younger. In Candice’s 27- year clinical colon hydrotherapy practice, the most desired end results have been weight loss and more energy. This licensed therapy of irrigating the colon with only filtered, temperature and pressure-regulated water is a safe way to hydrate, soften, and eliminate waste material and bloat. This is “waste loss” and will release the heaviness in the belly, lesson the belly bump, and in-crease the body’s ability to work at optimal capacity as it did in its youth. Call for assistance in creating your individualized program. Indialantic. (MM4010, MA8163) 

Hormone Balance

Suntree Pharmacy

BalAge Rx is a revolutionary biologically identical hormone treatment (BHRT) protocol that relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. The BalAge Rx woman is uniquely focused on improving her quality of life by not accepting the symptoms of menopause as a permanent condition. She is taking her quality of life and health seriously. Bioidentical hormones and treatment programs have been gaining in popularity for decades. Locally, Suntree Pharmacy is on the forefront of developing customized services and products designed to help women achieve balance. Please visit Suntree Pharmacy for more information on how we can help you. Melbourne.

Natural & Integrative Medicine

Melissa Dean, MD

Dean Wellness Institute

Dr. Melissa Dean is trained in Internal Medicine, Board Certified in Metabolic Medicine and holds a master’s degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. As the founder of Dean Wellness Institute, the premier center for Regenerative Medicine, her focus is on disease prevention. Dr. Dean is well known for her holistic approach that includes bio identical hormone balancing, nutrition, and detoxification. In her specialty of Regenerative Medicine, also known as Age Management, she focuses on helping people regain or maintain their vitality. She utilizes the most advance and comprehensive testing to get a clear understanding of patient's health. Her customized programs educate patients on specific nutritional protocols and lifestyle management to maximize their full health potential. Vero Beach.

Rebecca Hunton, MD

Radiantly Healthy MD

Dr. Rebecca Hunton, owner and Medical Director of Radiantly Healthy MD, takes a unique, whole body approach to wellness. Rather than placing a temporary fix on a symptom, Dr. Hunton works to find the root cause of your symptoms to restore your health and vitality. The team at Radiantly Healthy treats chronic diseases such as autoimmune disorders, Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Osteoporosis, and much more. Radiantly Healthy also offers healthy aging options as well as healthy weight loss programs. Viera and Indialantic. 321-254-6803

Donna G. Ivery, MD

HerCare of Brevard

Dr. Ivery (board-certified in both Gynecology/Obstetrics and Integrative Holistic Medicine) is renowned for providing comprehensive evaluations and individualized treatment regimens for restoration of health and continuation of wellness. Her scope of practice is Traditional Gynecology, Wellness, Lifestyle Modification, GI dysfunction, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Genetic testing for inherited cancer mutations. At HerCare of Brevard, you will find supportive healthcare partners in a relaxing spa-like environment. All of our service members are here to enhance your experience and facilitate your return to wellness. Dr. Ivery is an in-network provider under most insurance plans. Titusville. 321-267-3787 •


Florida Fields to Forks Farm

Defined as, “physical and mental well-being; freedom from disease”, the greatest gift a woman can give herself, and her family, is the gift of health. At Florida Fields to Forks, our goal is simple, to help people be healthy. Our nutritionally rich and delicious, local farm fresh foods are raised and grown the way God intended…beyond organic standards. Offering local grass-fed and pastured meats and eggs, organically grown produce, wild caught seafood, raw dairy, local artisan cheeses, breads, cookies, cultured veggies, and sauces, pre-ready farm fresh dishes, and so much more.   FFTF is a membership only farm with a one-time membership of $35, and no ordering requirements.


Solutions for Unresolved Thyroid Symptoms

Dr. Steve Alukonis, D.C.

According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, 1 in 8 women will experience a thyroid disorder during their lifetime. Women are 24 times more likely to have thyroid problems than men. If you are one of them and still have unresolved symptoms, there are solutions. If you suffer from fatigue, low energy, unexplained weight gain, difficulty losing weight, morning headaches, constipation, thinning or brittle hair, always feeling cold, depression, anxiety or chronic pain, you don’t have to live this way. Take the first step towards feeling better. Call Dr. Alukonis at Space Coast Advanced Health to learn about a drug-free alternative that will change your life. Cocoa Beach.

Upper Cervical Care

Dr. Reneé Hahn, DC, BCAO & Dr. Michael St. Louis, DC

Upper Cervical Care focuses on the top two bones in the neck where the brain stem transitions into the spinal cord, and is responsible for transmitting the nerve impulses from the brain to every part of the body. If one of the top two bones is misaligned, it can affect the nerve transmission to any part of the body causing various conditions in the body. Correcting this interference allows the body to heal itself naturally without the use of harmful drugs or surgery. A precise, state-of-the-art percussion sound wave adjusting instrument is used and gives patients a gentle, painless and precise treatment for the upper cervical correction which restores balance to the body and removes the interference. Upper Cervical Health Center. Melbourne.
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