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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

72-Hour Permaculture Design Course in Sebastian

Sustainable Kashi is offering the Permaculture Design Course on March 16-27 at in Sebastian. Sustainable Kashi is a permaculture project located on 80 acres of land that provides an environment in which sustainable living be experienced fostered and observed.

Permaculture Design Course is an internationally recognized curriculum that teaches a system of co-habitation between people and the earth, advocates a healthy future for both while teaching people to employ the earth’s regenerative ecosystem services without exploiting and depleting its finite natural resources.

This Permaculture Design Course will give you the tools to turn waste into reward by creating cyclical systems that mimic nature’s eco-systems. You will be able to design edible landscaping to surround your house with nutrient rich organic food and herbs.

The course offers insight into community living; three vegetarian meals a day; and a chance to step out of the fast lane and reconnect with nature while learning to harness its regenerative ecosystems.

For more information, call 772-913-5946 or visit Register in full before February 1st and receive the textbook by Bill Mollison, a $100 value, for free.