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Women of the World Rejoice!

All the women in the world are thrilled!” My sister Jennifer was filling me in on the latest development in toilet paper technology. “I wonder why it took so long to make toilet paper without the roll?” In an attempt to cut down on consumer waste, Kimberly-Clark has launched a tube-free toilet paper. According to the company, “The 17 billion toilet paper tubes produced annually in the US account for 160 million pounds of trash.” Consumer demand for less wasteful products is the catalyst for this latest development. One might argue that it is better to reach for toilet paper with recycled content, but for those that are particular about the texture of their paper this provides an alternative. Now instead of an empty cardboard tube left for me in the bathroom, I guess there will just be an empty plastic holder.

I’m still working on getting the kids to turn off the lights when they leave a room. So when I read that the way we make and use energy is being re-envisioned, it leaves me hopeful for the next generation I am raising. In fact, solar energy and wind turbines are becoming part of the new normal. In our Green Living column [page 32] Linda Sechrist shares, “Today, thanks to solar power, many of the remotest villages in developing countries have electricity.” Previously isolated residents are now able to join in with the modern world.

In this issue we feature Sustainable Communities. Find out how cities nationwide have been working to become ‘green neighborhoods’ [page 26]. Discover six ways to inhale energy and exhale stress [page 20]. Learn about a growing movement to combine chiropractic and acupuncture modalities. Screen your dog for early detection of cancer with the new cancer test for dogs [page 24]. Enjoy new recipes on pages 30 and 34 using a top-ranked superstar fruit and for a healthier Halloween.

Here’s to a greener tomorrow!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher