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What’s on Your Apple? Organics Explained: Lucinda Clark

A conventional apple can have up to 32 different kinds of chemical residues on it. An organic apple? Zero. Join Lucinda Clark of Space Girl Organics as she demystifies the world of organics. You will gain insightful information about GMOs, hybrids, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides as well as understand the difference between local and organic, grass fed and grain fed meats, corporate and small family farms to help you make more informed decisions about the food you eat and how it is produced.

Lucinda Clark, founder of Space Girl Organics, grew up on a small family farm and knows first-hand the challenges faced by farmers. Clark was named by Produce Business magazine as one of the top 40 under 40 in the produce business. She is passionate about organics because when you remove all the cheats of nature that conventional farming uses, including pesticides, herbicides and GMOs, what you are left with is a farmer working in tandem with nature. Learn more by visiting her booth on Sponsor Row or visit