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Hot Flash Relief

Sep 27, 2013 07:27PM ● By Trish Meyers

Hot flashes are an annoying part of life for many women before, during and after menopause. While they may indicate serious medical issues and should always be brought to your physician's attention, it is also possible that relief may be as simple as a carefully designed massage.

Have your licensed massage therapist work your occipital, cervical, inter-scapular, sternal and epigastric areas. Research shows that these areas can hold tension for years, resulting in ongoing hot flashes. Relieving the trigger points located in these areas can drastically reduce the hot flashes or even cause them to disappear. It may also alleviate other pre, post and menopausal related issues.

Trish Myers is a licensed massage therapist, certified in neuromuscular therapy. She is the owner/operator of Professional Therapeutic Massage in Melbourne. For more information or appointments call 321-750-4500.