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It's Football Season!

Aug 31, 2013 09:55PM

It’s football season! In our house this time of year brings busy weekends and lots of stinky laundry. It also means meeting new people, fun with friends, and enjoying new places to eat before away games. I have always loved following college football. However, now that my son is playing, I find I enjoy high school football even more. Getting to know the players and their families makes the game more exciting on a personal level. I’ve watched many of these boys grow and develop into very fit young men. Having an activity that you love and that also contributes to your overall health is just a win-win.

After watching these boys practice for hours in the afternoon heat, it pretty much eliminates any excuse I come up with if I am pondering skipping my morning walk. I find that as I stay committed to this routine, it becomes something I look forward to and enjoy. I’ve learned to observe my surroundings and make sure I am breathing in the morning air. Exercise helps me become grounded and centered before I start my day.

In our feature article “Whole-Being Workouts,” Ironman Marty Kibiloski recommends that runners learn to focus on the cadence of their footfalls, their breathing and their surroundings to, as he puts it, “move meditation beyond the cushion.” He remarks, “It trains you to have your mind be still when your body is active, which is how you are in everyday life.”

This month we focus on the many types of fitness activities we have to choose from. We feature a local fitness directory [page 25] along with a calendar of runs and walks. We offer universal fitness tips [page 24] and share how a good trainer can keep us on track [page 28]. Learn how deep-healing yoga can release trauma and build resilience [page 26]. In our Natural Pet column find tips on preventing seizures in your dog [page31]. Then discover how schools are getting an eco-makeover [page 32]. It is our hope that you find a fitness class or activity from among these pages that helps make your life healthier.

Here’s to a fit Fall!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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