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Dental Ozone: Prevention and Protection

Jul 29, 2013 04:18PM ● By Dr. Claire Stagg

Ozone is a natural occurring safe gas and consists of three molecules of oxygen. Ozone is just an energized form of oxygen and it is impossible to be allergic to it. Bacteria, fungi, viruses, molds, algae and parasites are positively charged and lack antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes. When ozone is introduced it creates a reaction which neutralizes these infectious “bugs.” Depending on the location of the infection one of several ozone applications may be used.

Pretreat and Disinfect. Ozonated water can be used as a pretreatment rinse to disinfect the oral cavity. It can also be used as part of the process to sterilize and disinfect the waterlines for dental units.

Nasal insufflation therapy with ozone gas treats patients with symptomatic teeth and is effective in sinus, upper respiratory and lung infections.

Ear insufflation therapy treats patients for TMD and/or dental symptoms as well as throat infections. It is considered a foundational Ozone Therapy.

Trigger Point injections and Prolozone therapy eliminates lactic acid buildup and reduces pain especially in pain inducing muscle tension areas.

Periodontal disease can be arrested with oxygen, ozone and water. It can also be treated with ozonated olive oil. Ozone Therapy enhances soft tissue management programs, for example, special trays can be fabricated to treat the mouth and promote enhanced outcomes.

Cavities and Preparation. Ozone Therapy can arrest caries and root sensitivities. It helps during preparation for pit and fissure sealants and cavity and crown procedures as it creates the ideal bonding surface.

Endodontics. As a gas, ozone can eliminate infections during endodontic treatment by reaching areas that are not possible otherwise in conventional therapy thereby providing a safe and effective root canal treatment.

Oral Surgery. Bony surgical sites can be preconditioned with Ozone Therapy for enhancing implant surgeries’ outcomes, as well as, post-extraction and grafting sites. Ozone Therapy can also increase lymphatic stimulation and drainage. There are also treatment protocols for tonsils and associated soft tissues.

Claire Stagg, DDS, MS, FAACP, is trained in Ozone Therapy. For more information visit or call 321-777-2797. 2120 Highway A1A, Indian Harbour Beach. 

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