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We Are What We Eat

Jun 25, 2013 06:14PM

Mom, I don’t feel so good.” A parent never likes to hear those words but when I do I hope to make the right choices to help my kids get back on track quickly. Our family has dealt with a rash of medical issues recently from upset stomach to back sprain to sinus infections. I’m fortunate to have integrative doctors that I trust to advise me in each situation. However, the real journey seems to lie in the day-to-day challenge of maintaining health and preventing more complex issues. Choosing the healthiest food and cleanest products on a daily basis can be challenging.

Most months when I am reviewing editorial I find a nugget of wisdom to incorporate into my personal life. However, this month’s issue themed “Digestive Health” resonates perfectly with what is happening in my own life. Right now hormone issues are a concern for our family. I am taking a fresh look at what we eat and what is in our environment searching for any previously unnoticed culprits. Hippocrates says, “Let our food be our medicine and our medicine be our food.” In today’s environment of dining out, processed food and GMOs that is powerful advice.

In our Conscious Eating Column wellness activist Kris Carr tells us that, “By decreasing the amount of acidic inflammatory foods while increasing the amount of healthy and alkaline plant foods, you flood your body with vitamins, minerals, cancer fighting phytochemicals, antioxidants and fiber.” She shares some enticing salad and smoothie recipes and has motivated me to put my blender back to work with some new green drinks.

In our feature article we examine the latest facts about organics, pesticides, seeds and more. You’ll find advice from supermodel Carol Alt on how eating raw food keeps her vibrant . Find out how to banish acid reflux and even discover how to avoid GMOs lurking in your pet’s food. Best of all, we have gathered some local experts and resources to help you find your own nuggets of wisdom you wish to incorporate into your life. I hope this issue inspires you to enjoy more summer fruits and vegetables each day.

We are what we eat!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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