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Follow your passion.

Oct 23, 2012 08:22PM

Take a few minutes to consider your passions, what are the 10 or 15 things most critical to your happiness?” This advice appears in our feature article Fashion a Passion-Driven Life [page 21]. Right now, being there for my kids is essential. Since I work from home and have a flexible schedule, I am able to support my kids in their endeavors and that is important to me.

In my previous life, the one before kids, I was a software engineer with a great 9 to 5 job. It was an interesting job, but I engaged in volunteer activities to feel fulfilled. I left that career to be a stay-at-home mom. Eight years later, after my kids started school, I wanted something to inspire my mind and creativity which led to publishing this edition of Natural Awakenings.

In contrast, my husband landed his dream job right out of college as a software engineer and has never looked back. We have known that my son, Kyle, would be a software engineer since about 18 months of age when he took to a computer like a fish in water. He is well on his way as a freshman at UCF in the school of Computer Science and Engineering. My younger son, Ryan, has several ideas on how he would like to apply his talents. He is considering broadcasting, graphic arts, and physical therapy/sports medicine. The central theme when guiding both of them has been – do what you like and like what you do.

“We are at a time in the world when it is more socially acceptable to follow your passions,” says Janet Attwood, from our feature article. “In my day, my dad was so freaked out I’d end up homeless that he sent me to business school so I would learn how to type. Back then, parents never asked: ‘What turns you on?’”

I ended up an engineer because I was good at math and the software job market was growing. It worked well for me since computers are the framework for almost everything today. However, it turned out to be just a stepping stone to finding my true calling. I am finding that my passions change and grow as I get older. I am still working to determine my next passion step. The trick is to be still long enough to uncover it.

To assist you in your next step our feature article is designed to help you realize your purpose and feed your soul. In this issue you’ll also find tips to help your kids fight a cold or flu [page 30]. You can get a jump start on your holidays with our gift guide [page 20]. Discover how exercise can help you avoid the snack attacks [page 24]. And enjoy our festive beverage recipes that can make a holiday party memorable [page 26]. So after reading this issue, go for a walk, grab a beverage and with the tips from our passion article, consider what is essential to your happiness.

Here’s to following your passion!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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