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High Vibration Nutrition: An Interview with Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack

This interview was conducted by Diana E. Vargas M.D. as a written transcript for her patients. She has practiced medicine for 31 years and was recently certified to teach Food-Based Healing. Jeff Primack is a Qigong teacher that has studied with many naturopathic healers from all over the world and has taught over 30,000 people in live seminars.


Dr. Vargas:  Medical weight loss is big business. Why are some people successful at burning fat while others gain it all back?

Primack:  The secret weapon for accelerated weight loss is a high-phytochemical diet. One must intake high vibration nutrition while losing weight or the diet will poison the body. Yes, starches like rice and pasta should be avoided when trying to lose weight, however a high protein diet will make the body’s pH overly acidic. When the pH becomes overly acidic from eating too much protein it creates a more cancer-friendly environment. People age much faster when dieting on high-protein, low phytochemical foods, which is the method employed by the vast majority of weight loss systems.

Healthy weight loss is possible when we detoxify poisons from our body. People lose 20 pounds a month and have two-foot bowel movements every morning on my protocol. This improved detoxification leads to healthier skin, eyes and overall radiant appearance. Often times a large waistline has formed as the body’s storage house for fecal matter. Food prepackaged in powders, boxes, microwavable or filled with pesticides is not an acceptable approach to weight loss on my program. A high-phytochemical diet and healthy fat intake are crucial for success and good health. I also use Qigong to add real firepower to the program. Special Qigong breathing practices give a full-body vibration and noticeably boost metabolic rate.

Dr. Vargas:  At the Qi Revolution seminar you actually say the “fountain of youth” is getting high levels of oxygen into the blood. How does this help weight loss?

Primack:  Breathing techniques feed oxygen into your blood stream, which accelerates cellular metabolism. Mitochondria in cells are responsible for metabolism. They feed directly on oxygen and their activity level will be reduced when oxygen is low. Live blood cell analysis before and after doing our 9-Breath Method for just 45 seconds shows the profound impact breathing has on blood circulation and cellular metabolism. Most people have sticky blood from low oxygen levels. When special breathing methods are used it leads to a stronger “pulsation” of blood in the arms and legs. This is all working to increase metabolism. So, I do believe breathing techniques hold a special place for weight loss, however if you eat the wrong fats, even the 9-Breath Method will not be strong enough to burn stubborn fat. The bottom line is people are eating the wrong oils.

Dr. Vargas:  How can eating certain oils actually burn stubborn body fat?

Primack:  Let me start by saying that canola and soybean oil are the big culprits causing the American obesity epidemic. These Omega-6 fatty acids cause inflammation and are not easily burned. Most farmers give feed to their livestock containing these oils to help them gain weight. When livestock animals were given high calorie coconut oil they lost weight.

This is because 62% of coconut oil’s fatty acids are medium chain triglycerides (MCT), smaller fats that digest quite easily.  They give them to people in hospitals because they are the easiest fats to digest. In fact, MCTs are burned like carbohydrates and increase metabolism better than any other oil.

Dr. Vargas:  Coconut is also beneficial for Cancer, Lyme’s Disease and HIV Aids. How does coconut help people facing these diseases?

Primack:  Studies show the high “lauric acid” of coconut oil dissolves the lipid layer surrounding viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, effectively destroying them. At the University of Philippines studies done on patients suffering from HIV reveal that over 70% of patients show a vastly reduced viral load. We have a powerful Anti-Viral food protocol and it includes healthy servings of coconut. There is more to the protocol of course, but I can honestly say I saw one qigong student remove all traces of Hepatitis-C from her blood work after having the virus for 30 years.

Dr. Vargas:  For immune diseases such as cancer, how can phytochemicals from Live Food activate the Immune System? 

Primack:  Asparagus is one of the time-honored foods that help reverse cancer and keep the immune system functioning properly. It is rich in Glutathione, a master detoxification enzyme produced by your liver. Eating asparagus raises the body’s level of Glutathione and increases the liver’s capacity to detoxify. Asparagus is a very important vegetable in this regard. There are many foods, herbs and mushrooms that can help reverse cancer.

Medicinal mushrooms like  Agaricus are rich in Beta-Glucans, which are phytochemicals clinically shown to stimulate bone marrow and increase production of natural killer cells by 200-500%. Yet, no mushroom has ever “healed” anyone… the body heals itself when given the right food. We all have an immune system created by God and imbued with nature’s wisdom. Eating a high-phytochemical diet is the primary key to activating your immune system potential. When natural killer cells do their job, cancer cells cannot multiply. Furthermore, when you cut their sugar food source off, cancer cells do not thrive. Medicinal Mushrooms and live food smoothies are time-tested tools in the war on cancer. I’ve seen over a hundred people reverse it using my protocol. Some choose to do only the easier aspects of my cancer protocol along with chemotherapy. Consider there is no cure for cancer. Only your immune system can eradicate cancer forever.