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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Invitation to the Expo

Jan 31, 2012 02:27PM

Can you please pass the shirt?” This is type of sentence that might flow from my lips if I want the pepper but am looking at my son’s shirt that needs to be washed. I caught myself searching for a common word or replacing it inappropriately occasionally last year. I am told it is a common occurrence for women “of my age” undergoing hormonal fluctuations. Laurie Steelsmith, author of Natural Choices for Women’s Health, shares in our feature article [page 20] that one 2009 University of California study of 2,362 women between the ages of 42 and 52 found that 60 percent suffered memory and mental-processing problems. Steelsmith notes that estrogen plays a critical role in influencing verbal and spatial memory and fine motor skills and bolstering the blood brain barrier to keep toxins out.

I find these little “brain farts” quite disconcerting. So I headed straight to my holistic doctor for help. Measuring and balancing my hormones has certainly improved my recall. Staying healthy is a work in progress and I’m grateful to know so many people knowledgeable in natural and integrative health. I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to meet many of them at the Healthy Living Expo on Saturday, February 25th. Join us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Indialantic starting at 10am and discover a plethora of healthy products and services you can incorporate into your life.

Benefit from interacting with integrative MDs and experts by attending workshops on weight-loss, gluten intolerance, hormonal balance, detoxification, conscious prosperity, anti-aging, and healing your pet. Find out how your mouth can impact a healthy body, why diets don’t work, and how to shift from crazy busy to meaningfully productive. Plus, discover how you can integrate an herbal tea aligned with the season to support your health.

I plan to taste my favorite organic chocolate (and buy a few bars), peruse the natural makeup and jewelry, sample the aromatherapy, learn about hydroponics and make sure my husband gets a free hearing screening. Of course, I’ll have duties to attend to but if I’m lucky you may find me in the beachside bodywork oasis enjoying a reflexology treatment for my feet.

Be sure and come early, workshops start at 10:30am, admission is free and the first 500 attendees receive a free eco-tote! Keep up with the most current details on our website at and check out the program guide starting on page 49. It is going to be a fun-filled day.

This event is truly where Natural Awakenings comes to life!

See you at the expo,

Kris Urquhart, Publisher