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Teas that Heal: A Seasonal Journey of Herbal Teas

Jan 28, 2012 07:55PM ● By Joanna Helms, Registered Herbalist

Herbal products, single or combined, have regained popularity in society. A variety of our little green plants make headlines on a regular basis. How delightful to observe the acceptance of such gentle healing allies (our herbal plants), and the ignition of scientific research following the people’s desire for healing. Understanding the herbs is one application of Herbalism; another understanding is the relevance of herbs to nurture the body.

Seasonal changes provide a fundamental approach to health, and different herbs thrive in each season. There are plants revered as the tonic or nutritive herbs. They supply a variety of medicinal properties to support health, with a therapeutic specific focus to each organ system. Drinking tea allows a simplistic solution for the entire family to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Herbal medicine traditionally utilized herbal tea as a main form of extraction. The water extraction of the medicinal qualities may be produced in several methods. The most common methods used: Steeping and Decocting. The steeping technique has multiple choices; it depends upon the individual’s creativity and intention. The choice may vary between time steeped and steeping process (heated, lunar, or solar). The decoction technique is best suited for the root herbs; yet, creativity holds a placement here also. Pre-soaking hardy parts prior to simmer will allow for increased mineral extraction. The process chosen may depend upon the season and herbal therapeutic specific desired.

As an example, a seasonal expression of herbs may follow drinking a single herb; such as, horsetail tea during winter. Horsetail, Equisetum arvense, supplies a rich source of vegetal silica, which acts as a co-factor with calcium to allow bone health. Winter represents a time to quiet down, go within, and nourish. Horsetail facilitates this process physically. The beloved Dandelion leaf, Taraxacum officinalis, is a wonderful diuretic; yet without depleting potassium. Traditionally used for edema, hypertension, and weight-loss. It is excellent in the summer time, as this is the time of movement and circulation. The plants provide an amazing support to our health. They are additional medicinal tools utilized by our bodies to maintain health and vitality.

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