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There’s the Rub: Tips for Home Pet Massage

Jan 28, 2012 08:03PM ● By Kris Urquhart

  1. Achieve a calm state before starting. Feeling rushed or frustrated will undermine your efforts.

  2. Keep the tone of your voice soothing to capture your animal’s attention.

  3. Allow the time for sniffing if needed. Then start from the shoulders – not the head or face. Animals typically perceive this as a threat, even faithful companions.

  4. Use slow stroking motions down your pet’s spine area. This is soothing for the nervous system. Make the next stroke even slower and repeat to achieve relaxation. Find the hollow feeling in the chest and massage with your fingers. This is soothing and stimulates the lymphatic system.

  5. Be sure to start at the surface not trying to press too hard. Waiting for the pet to relax and gently going deeper as they relax.

  6. Pets are never too young, never too healthy to start. . If the animal is too active, just do what you can and don’t let yourself get frustrated. With puppies and kittens it may be helpful to get them when they are sleepy

  7. Trust your intuition. Feel your pet’s response and discern feedback. Cats may purr or groom. Dogs may assume a relaxed body posture.

  8. To address behavioral, emotional, or health issues seek a trained animal massage therapist to assist your pet.

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