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Keep Your Resolutions – Overcome Your Conscious Mind

Are you REALLY ready to make changes in your life? As the New Year begins, countless thousands of us are looking for safe, pleasant and effective ways to keep our resolutions heading us in the right direction for better health and overall wellness. Whether you want to drop excess weight, stop smoking, manage stress or even sleep better at night, hypnosis has been proven to make these changes in easy, even seemingly effortless ways!

According to the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, the average number of “Brief Therapy” sessions required to see significant change is 16, those in Psychoanalysis can often expect to go to sessions for years, while the average number of sessions required to change a single issue using hypnosis, is just three sessions. This is because the Conscious Mind, that part of the brain which is analytical and judgmental, often “gets in the way” of making changes in thoughts and behaviors. On the other hand, your powerful Subconscious Mind can assist you in transforming the way your brain receives information (stimulus) and then processes and responds to it, in very short order.

Working together as a team, a hypnotist and their client can literally “re-train” the brain to think differently about eating habits, addictive cravings, stressors and many other issues that keep us from living our best and healthiest lives. These changes can often be noticed, following the very first session.

You may not be aware that factors such as stress, sadness or insomnia can affect other areas of your life, like your ability to manage your weight. A well trained hypnotist will pick up on those potential pitfalls during your first scheduled visit and be sure to help you incorporate needed input to help avoid those obstacles.

Susan Sawyer, BS, CMCHt, LLC is a Board Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist with a private practice located at 476 N. Hwy. A1A, Suite 4F, Satellite Beach, FL 32937. Further information is available at or by calling 321-432-7267, to ask questions or set an appointment.