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Living Peacefully (in a house that’s for sale)

Oct 27, 2011 05:39PM ● By Bonnie Gilliams

Living in a chaotic situation creates an even greater need to find peace from within. Often, our internal peace is made simpler by simplifying our surroundings. It’s a good idea to evaluate living spaces, personal items, personal spaces, and how those things make the body feel. It’s especially important if the home is for sale, because all of the things in the hous potential buyers as well. Try these tips:

  1. Put something that’s lovely to look at in each room. If your house is for sale, the items should not be very personal, but it should be something that is loved. It can be an item that elicits fond memories and doesn’t need to be big. In addition, the display area should be uncluttered. Even if packing has started or there are boxes everywhere, something can be on display.

  2. If the entire home feels out of control, start with the room that seems most oppressive. What is most bothersome? A little change will feel so much better. Generally, getting rid of clutter that isn’t really needed will make a huge difference.

  3. To evaluate the house as a potential buyer, start at your driveway and walk slowly toward your house. the vehicle and walk inside. What is the front door saying? Now walk inside and pay attention to the senses—what will the potential buyer see, hear, smell, and feel? Could any of it be more desirable?

Transition can be stressful, but these tips could shorten the process and make it more comfortable.

Bonnie Gilliams is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and an owner of Mid-Florida Real Estate. Inc., and Mid-Florida Rentals, Inc. in Sebastian. Bonnie is in the process of being certified in Pyramid Feng Shui. Reach her at 772-713-5072 or [email protected]

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