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“Economics of Happiness”

Oct 27, 2011 05:39PM

That knee is going to be sore tomorrow!” warned Ryan’s physical therapist. Ryan had a huge breakthrough with his knee rehabilitation. He has been in therapy since his surgery last summer and this week he made the mental leap of faith and realized he could trust it again. Many lunges, a ton of wall squats and a gallon of sweat are paving his path to full strength. After last month’s letter from the editor describing my young athlete’s journey, I had several very kind inquires about Ryan so I thought I would share the good news.

Hearing from many of you helps me feel connected to our health-conscious community. Supporting each other reduces stress and enriches our lives. In this issue, Natural Awakenings takes a look at the “Economics of Happiness”; redefining our goals for a life based on quality of living and how that can shape our economy. In our Green Living column author Linda Seachrist shares, “By shifting our shopping to locally owned and operated retailers and service providers, we help create and retain area jobs, support community commerce and build valuable relationships and social connections within our community.”

As we approach the holidays, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with pressure to give presents. An idea that should strengthen relations and foster well-being, gift-giving too often becomes a source of stress and anxiety, not to mention unnecessary items with the potential for cluttering instead of clarifying our lives. I love the idea of greening my holidays by giving gifts that encourage experiences, which result in rich and lasting memories. I plan to start my shopping with our Healthy Holiday Gift Guide. These ideas from our healthy local community are sure to please and contribute to the local economy at the same time.

In addition to ideas to strengthen our local economy, in this issue you will find tips to train your dog  and six ways to ease anxious kids . Plus, learn the signs of an eco-friendly restaurant. During this month of Thanksgiving, I want to say thank you readers for including Natural Awakenings in your lives. Thank you to our advertisers and distributors for your support. And most of all, thank you for keeping me connected.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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